Thursday, August 13, 2009

Watch out for wildlife.

My trip to work this morning was more exciting than expected. As I drove around a bend in the road, two deer appeared not ten feet in front of the car...a doe and her spotted fawn. A little late in the season for a fawn that young, but what a beautiful little creature he was...and still is, thanks to anti-lock brakes. Gliding over the fence in one graceful movement, they faded into the trees and were gone. That stretch of road has always provided me with poignant sightings of our wildlife neighbors. A large flock of wild turkeys live in the timber and can often be seen with their poults trailing behind as they forage along the roadway. Occasionally twenty or more deer feed in the hayfield just down the way. A blue heron stands sentinel in the creek as he waits for his dinner to swim by, and a raccoon family's eyes reflect the headlights if I happen to drive that way after dark. I wouldn't trade my little place in the country for the whole of any city.

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  1. ..."my little place in the country" sounds absolutely wonderful.