Saturday, August 8, 2009

Tree frogs in the bedroom???

What a way to wake I stumbled out of bed and headed for the coffee pot, a dust bunny came to life and leaped into my path. Was I dreaming? screech would have awakened me if I was. My husband - ever the knight in shining armour - picked the thing up, dusted it off and discovered a tiny tree frog. Who knows how it got into the house or why it was lurking in the place where I keep all my spare dust. It's back outside now, enjoying the shade of a mature forsythia bush. My question is: if the frogs are getting inside, can the snakes be far behind??? Eeeewwww. I hope not :-)


  1. Oh my gosh! I wish you hadn't said anything about snakes. I'm never gonna be able to sleep again. How could you????

    PS Love your blog.

  2. Glad I'm not the only one! I found a tiny frog in my kitchen while I was making salsa. The snakes haven't made it inside yet.

  3. We'd get one in the house every once in awhile on the's a great way to get the old adrenalin rush going. Good rule of thumb for keeping them out: never buy a house that's over 100 years old :-)

  4. We've got 3 tre frogs out here, who sing in the mornings. One on each side of the house, except for the south. Yesterday one "helped" Richard with some car work from its trash can perch. It even sang to him just before the rain started.

    Richard tells me that Station 10 has a wet spot in the bay by all the Water Rescue equipment. His firemen are frequently finding lizard and tiny tree frogs on their gear, and sometimes in their fire boots- which can be a bit frightening in the middle of the night!. These fellas always handle the little guys with care and have named them all "Hambone". Who knows why...