Monday, August 10, 2009

Ergonomically designed chairs...

Well, today was the day. Our new ergonomically designed chairs arrived at work. I sat down in mine, expecting to experience utter comfort and relaxation.... and came just about this far from tipping over backwards. Apparently you have to adjust the things before you go flopping about in them. Our office secretary rushed to my rescue and adjusted the height of the seat, the arm rests, the tilt of the back and the level of my lumbar (wouldn't my father just wash my mouth out with soap for discussing my lumbar in a public forum) and at last I experienced every working woman's dream. A chair made just for me. It even has my name on it. All we need now are ottomans for our feet. I suspect we won't be getting them though, so we'll just keep resting our tootsies on the CPU's (or whatever those things are called) under out desks as usual. We're blessed to have management who care about our comfort and well-being as we go about our duties. Life is good.


  1. Wow! Where do you work that they care so much about their employees? I'm jealous.

  2. Same place you do, darlin'! I'm just one floor beneath you :-)

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